Canterbury for Sheriff

I am James Boyd Canterbury and I am running for Sheriff of Fremont County. I want to be your Sheriff in November, 2018. With your help we can make a difference.

I was born and raised in Fremont County. My parents, Roy and Beneta Canterbury, were life-time ranchers.

My grandfather Charlies Canterbury was blessed to have been your sheriff for 18 years. My father Roy Canterbury was a Fremont County commissioner for 12 years.


Your Independent Candidate

Being your Independent candidate for Sheriff of Fremont County doesn’t mean I am against the Republicans or Democrats. I just believe it’s time for change.

The changes I have in mind will lead to a better the Fremont County Sheriff’s department and will enhance the welfare and safety of our communities. I will also do everything possible to enhance the education and professionalism of our deputies by bringing back a great team to you the community. We will be fair, firm and consistent, treating people like people.

Being an Independent candidate and self-funding my own campaign means that I would owe no one and have no political ties like other candidates do. I would work for you the people of Fremont County, not a political party. Therefore, I will be free to treat everyone equally, with no promises to pay back favors.


Few People Know the Depth of My Qualifications and Experience

* I have approximately 29 years of experience in Law Enforcement, Bail Bonds, and Bounty Hunting.
* I have a bachelor’s degree in human relations.
* At one time I was a town trustee.
* I was formally CLETA certified along with being a CLETA instructor.
* I am a certified detentions officer through Aztec, New Mexico.
* I have been through a lot of the same schooling as my opponents, such as Homicide Investigations, Drug Trafficking, Weapons Techniques, Crime Scene Investigations.
* I have also operated a multi-million dollar budget for 20 years that was audited annually by the State of Colorado, always receiving a good audit report.

But this isn’t about me - it's about you the people and how we work together to improve our Sheriff's Department.

For your info, I have never worked for any law enforcement agency in Fremont County, so I am not locked into the old ways of doing things. Instead, I can take the Department in a new direction and implement the improvements that the people have been needing for a long time.


I Understand that the People Who Live Outside the Cities are the County Sheriff's Main Concern

As the race for the next Sheriff of Fremont County heats up some things are becoming very apparent.

We have elected sheriffs in the past and then never see them again - until the next election cycle. What's worse, some of our communities never see a deputy patrolling their neighborhood!

There are approximately 50,000 people living in the entire Fremont County. Many of them live outside of Canon City and Florence. The Fremont county sheriff is responsible to the people who live OUTSIDE these two cities.

As your County Sheriff I completely understand this. My deputies and deputies will focus on the people in the county areas, not on those who live in Canon City or Florence. Those people have their own law enforcement agency.

The County Sheriff's department will provide mutual aid to those city agencies in time of need, but we will not neglect our primary responsibility, which is to the citizens in the county - the rural areas outside those cities. These rural residents are no less important than those who live in the cities.

When I started my campaign to run for sheriff, it wasn’t about me. It was about you, the people of Fremont County. However, it has come to my attention that people want to know more about me.

I was born and raised here in Fremont County. I grew up on a ranch with a great sister, mother and father.

As a kid, I raised hell and got in some trouble back in the 60’ and early 70’s. Just stupid kid stuff. That was 48 years ago. Since then I have grown and became a certified detention officer in Farmington, New Mexico. In the mid 80’s I went through the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy or (CLETA) and became a certified police officer and CLETA instructor where I worked on the Western Slope for approximately 6 years or so. There I became a bail bondman and bounty hunter for the next 23 years.

Boyd’s Bail Bonds then became the largest bonding company in Colorado with eight offices from Grand Junction to Pueblo. I ran and operated this multi-million dollar company. The company had to go through the customary audit twice a year.

Unlike my opponents, I have run a multi-million dollar business. By contrast, they worked for a department and eventually went behind a desk. They never had to create the type of budget that the Canon City Police Department or Sheriff’s Department must develop and adhere to. They were never in a position to do the budget because it wasn’t part of their job. For many years, I successfully created and managed a very large budget.

As a cop and bounty hunter, I have seen and been involved in a lot of sad and important parts of people’s lives. I have sat on the curb crying with a 22-year-old mother while the coroner loaded her husband who died from a suicide shooting. He was an addict. They had a three-month-old baby.

I have sat on a porch holding a 6-year-old child crying in my arms while she watched her mother handcuffed and going to jail. The child was placed with social services. How do you adequately explain to a six-year-old child that her mother is going to jail for possession and sales of illegal drugs?

My opponents have never sat in an alley for days in 95 to 100 degree weather, pretending to be a homeless person or wino with a paper bag, watching a house and waiting to do an arrest. My opponents have no idea what it is like to really get out and work the streets unless it’s from a patrol car or a desk. They have no idea what the streets are really all about. I do. I have had to live with the homeless, eating trash food with them. That was part of my job while I fought street drugs and served warrants.

Very few people who know me as Boyd Canterbury know the depth of law enforcement experience I have had over the decades since my 20's. I have handled rough criminals and helped to bring justice to every community I've served. However, dealing with the dark side of life has not darkened my outlook or hardened my character. I still love and care for people. People find me friendly and easy to talk to and as sheriff I will be approachable and understanding.


What I Will Do for the Residents of Fremont County

There is a lot of be done in Fremont County to make our streets, businesses and schools safer. I am committed to improving the following aspect of the "street work":

1. Taking hard drugs off the streets

2. Protecting you and your family

3. Improving the safety of our schools

4. Focusing on law enforcement services to the unincorporated (rural) areas of Fremont County

5. Coordinating search and rescue efforts

6. Working well with fire suppression and emergency medical agencies

7. Enhancing community involvement

8. And other aspects of the sheriff's work that need improvement


What I Will Do For Your Sheriff's Department

As your independent Sheriff, I will bring back professionalism, transparency and open communications between the sheriff's department and the people. I will also enhance community awareness and community policing.

I will be going through the current policies and procedures of the sheriff's department, making improvements wherever possible. These include:

* Organizational structure and responsibilities
* Chain of command
* Grant writing opportunities
* Reporting and records keeping
* And many other aspects of the department.


I Have a Team of Experts Who Will Work for You from Day 1

This is just a small example of the experience that my team will bring to the Fremont County Sheriff's Office:

* Budget Management Experience
* Emergency Management Experience
* Fire Fighting Experience
* Corrections and Patrol Law Enforcement Experience
* Management of Resource and Personal Experience
* Homicide Experience
* Civil Service Warrants and Hard Drugs Law Enforcement Experience

My team will bring a total of approximately 30 years of experience to you, the people of Fremont County. As your sheriff, my team will be able to start working on day one to make things better for the citizens of Fremont County.


I Have a Unique Perspective on Fremont County

As a native and a former rancher of this county, I know and understand all areas and aspects of this county. I know a lot of the people who live here and what people want and expect from their Sheriff Department. We all have to live and work together to make our communities the best they can be.

Stop and consider, do you want a sheriff who has spent most of his time and career in a city with little or no knowledge or understanding of county issues and problems? Or do you want a sheriff who enters the job knowing the issues and concern of the county residents he has lived with all his life?

I don't want you to think that I don't care about all the people who live in Fremont County. But as sheriff, my main concerns must be for the 25,000 people who live in the county's outlying areas. These are the people who have had trouble getting the good, visible law enforcement services they have been paying for. As a long-time rural resident of Fremont County and a candidate for sheriff, I know this situation can be corrected.


Drug Addiction and Mental Health Issues are of Primary Importance

In 2017, Fremont County had 5 homicides. According to the coroner’s office, 4 of these were drug related.

Opiate addiction is the fastest raising drug issues. It involves heroin and pharmaceutical pain pills. Fremont county has been saturated with meth, heroin and other drugs which are killing our kids and families. In 2017, Fremont County has seen a rise in shooting and deaths, overdoses, thefts and burglaries stemming from these horrendous drugs. My question is how many individuals and families have been impacted - or will be impacted - by lack of effective action on this issue?

As your Sheriff, I will strive to take the drugs and dealers off the streets and away from our children and families.

I will seek grants to provide training for my deputies and staff to learn the latest methods for dealing with this problem. I am aware that we are not only dealing with addiction, but also with mental health. In order for the sheriff's department to be the most effective with dealing with these complicated issues, the staff must be as well trained as possible. There is grant money out there for this and I will find and secure it for our county.

At the present time, there is no adequate facility to handle and place people with additions and metal health problems. Our deputies handle 2 to 3 calls every day involving some sort of mental health issue.

Domestic violence is another related issue that our deputies deal with on a regular basis. There are new techniques that have been developed for handling these problems. It's time we find the grant money that will give our deputies the state-of-the-art training they need to remain safe and keep the public safe.

I believe that the more education and support as sheriff I can give my deputies, the better we can serve our people and provide the neighborhood safety you need.


How the Sheriff's Department Can Improve our Jail

As you may know, many drug addicts end up in jail at some point. Often it is for theft when they try to steal money or goods to support their addiction. I will work to get the local mental health professionals to work with us on issues in the jail.

By bringing in skilled certified mental health professionals and making mental health training mandatory for our officers, we will be more effective when addressing this critical issue within our jail.


How I Will Improve Security in Our Schools

I will work together with the community and other entities to establish better protocols and procedures for major incidents as, shooting, major fires, hazmat, and so forth.

We as a community must do everything we can to enhance the safety and security of our children and teacher in Fremont County.


What Has Happened in the Past Must Stop

I look back over the last few years and I see corruption everywhere. I see good and bad cops. I see victims being ignored. I see open murder cases being covered up and false reporting by deputies. I see meth and heroin running rampant to our children and families. I see families broken up. This has got to stop.

Over the last year I have seen eleven deputies fired or put on administrative leave. I have seen the District Attorney’s office pass over crime or just plea them out to nothing.

We have good hard working deputies, good people just like us but they need more guidance or just direction from the administration. I will work side by side with them, to help make it easier for them. As sheriff I will listen to them.

I am a person just like you and I expect more from our Sheriff’s Department. As Sheriff I will make the changes that I want to see in this department. I realize that change must start at the top, with the leadership.

The other candidates all say the same things we have heard at every election: transparency, higher wages so that we can keep our deputies, placing the community first, accountability and so on. We all know this has to happen, but the change has to start from within the administration. If you elect me as your sheriff, I promise you that improvements will be implemented.



Why I Am the Best Candidate for Sheriff

I have not changed what I have said since starting my campaign and will not change them  just to get votes. I will not promise people jobs like the other candidates just to get them on my side. The issues facing this county are too important and serious to be indecisive or changing in mid-stream just to get into office. The citizens of Fremont County deserve and need much more.

Another important question to ask is how well your new sheriff knows this county. I'm particularly referring to the communities outside the city areas - Red Rocks area, Garden Park, Deer Mountain, area west on US 50, north on Highway 9, south on County Road 143, south off Highway 67 and 69, and so on.

The county areas have different issues, concerns and problems. As your candidate who was born and raised and lived in Fremont County Area most of my life, I know and understand all this.

Changes need to be made. The people in the sheriff’s office serve the people. That is what I will do. I will be firm, fair and consistent and will insist that the deputies be the same. I will ensure that all citizens will be treated with respect.

We do not need another 4 years of politics as usual in this county.

You need someone who knows and understands the county, not someone who has spent most of his time working in the city or for the city.

Choosing a sheriff is a very important decision to make. It will affect your lives. You can make the difference - but to do this you have to vote.


How to Vote for Me, James Boyd Canterbury, to be Your Sheriff

You don’t have to vote party line or for any particular party. I am running as an independent candidate so that I'm not obligated to serve the wishes of any political party.

If you are not registered to vote, go to govotecolorado.com to get registered. It's very simple. Or you can to to the Clerk & Record's Office at 615 Macon Ave in Canon City to get registered. Don't wait because there is a deadline to register in order to vote in the November election.

I thank you in advance for the opportunity to be sheriff for the people of Fremont County.  Together we can make our neighborhoods, families and children safer.

It would be an HONOR to be your sheriff.

If you have any questions, please call me at 719-429-2633


James Boyd Canterbury
Independent Candidate for Fremont County Sheriff



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